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Groundmarker is a multi disciplinary and site specific project that has been developed over the years tracing white lines with chalk in public space.The ground-marks are made with basic tools, materials and geometric design methods. Interventions are ephemeral and disappear in the course of days, week or months. 

Groundmarker project invites people to enter a given space with a new set of reference.

By marking the ground meaning, sense and functions of a place are altered 

Den Drijhoek-Geel
Square Jacques Franck-BXL

Interfering pattern III

Concieved in close collaboration with Stof vzw this groundmarking started with a 1 on 1 scale of the future building implantation on a social housing site - den Drijhoek in Geel.

In the second stage of marking a harmonic pattern of concentric circles appeared within the confines of these  future walls. 

Interfering pattern II.

An installation made for the occasion of BXL Bravo. On a place encircled by poplar trees situated along the canal, this installation consisted of white pillars that where verticaly implanted and a ground marking showing an interplay of concentric circles. While mathematical logic of progression served as starting point to create the design, the groundmarking integrated given specifics of the place. 

Playground I

Over the course of a week the public square Jacques Franck nearby Hallepoort was transformed as a playground. The groundmarking suggested an imaginary architectural structure while integrating the overal physical setting of the place with its trees, pathways, benches and people.

The performance started with box delivery at the entrance containing pillars or pawn to activate the playground.


The artist impulse 2068

A performance that was conceived for the group exhibition 'mai 68 : la conquette du monde par l'image' at M'ATUVU in collaboration with dancer Inne Claes.

While the expo was held during the time of memorating the revolt of '68,

'the artist impulse 2068' was conceived as a SF story. A glimpse into a possible future by transforming the basic settings of Pacheco public space into an imaginative laboratory with holographic control table, scanners and procedures of reconfiguration. 

M HKA-Antwerpen

The Death of James Lee Byars III 

For the occasion of the exhibition 'JLB - The Perfect Kiss' held at M KHA in 2018 and its accompanying deepening program for artist and visitors, 

'The death of JLB III' was conceived as a final sequence or Trilogy.

A groundmarking and performance reflecting the symbolic, actual and transcient death of JLB.


Traces - Axis Mundi - Omphalos

A d

A duo exhibition with Walt Van Beek dealing with space as a territory of loss and play. In a quest to rememorate, while visiting places that his mother used to frequent, Walt Van Beek also took the opportunity to go and scate. Photographs of these 'scate-able' places where rendered to black and white paintings. The groundmarking for this exhibition traced an Axis Mundi around the central pillar of the space while integrating an Omphalos and a collaborative work that presented itself during the process of making this exhibition.


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